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I have an extensive range of counselling experience, ranging from common mental health problems to specialist training in treating individuals who have suffered trauma in childhood as well as adulthood. Maybe you are one of those individuals and you are still dealing with it, which could be years or decades after the event.

At London Counselling Hub, all individuals will have the opportunity to be seen face-to-face, in a confidential non-judgemental safe space.

You might want to start your sessions remotely until we have built a relationship if trust is an issue for you and when you feel ready we can switch to face-to-face sessions.

Some clients find it excruciatingly difficult to say what is bringing them to therapy at the beginning, let alone share their inner most thoughts with another person.

Just so you know, that's OK and we will always go at your pace and if some weeks you just cannot get any words out as it is too painful, know that is also OK. 

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Individual Counselling Sessions





Here are somethings you might be coming to see me for:


Anger, irritation and frustration »

- Is anger, irritation, frustration and annoyance rearing their head so frequently, that it impacts your relationships at home or work? Do you want to know why and work on this to improve your communication and relationships with others? Or do you want to understand why you feel the way you do and work on yourself? I am here to help.

Anxiety »

- Do you recall when you first noticed you felt anxious and what were you doing? Not many people can because it could have been in your childhood or what seems like a lifetime ago! As a qualified Counsellor, I can help you can tackle your anxiety or issues that compound your anxiety, helping you manage and challenge those feelings.

Bereavement, loss and grief »

- Are you experiencing bereavement, grief, and loss because a special person you loved has died recently, suddenly, or maybe many years ago and their loss significantly impacts you? When special dates or occasions happen, do you find this painfully difficult? I am here to help you explore your feelings regarding your loss.

Boundaries and communication »

- Are you wanting to work on personal boundaries? Do you even have an awareness of what they are and what they mean to you? Do you know what a red flag is in a relationship and act upon it? Through talk therapy and psychoeducation, we can devise a tailored plan to help you establish boundaries in all your relationships going forwards.

Depression »

- Are low motivation and low mood of not being able to start things, let alone finish things impacting your daily life? Symptoms can persist and be present for weeks, months, or years or you could be in a period of remission from extreme symptoms, but they seem to be now, bubbling away under the surface. Along with the help of your GP, counselling can help manage depression.

Loneliness, sadness – feeling stuck at a crossroads in life »

- Have you been experiencing loneliness? Had feelings of profound sadness that seemed to have crept up on you like the waves on a beach? Or are you feeling at a crossroads in life, stuck or not sure what direction to go in? With introspection of analysis using reflection, you can process who you are and what you want from life.

People-pleasing »

- Do you find yourself 'people pleasing' to the detriment of your own needs? Do you 'rescue' others? This simply means, you are yet again a second thought in regards to your own emotional needs. Want to understand why you do this and where it comes from? With awareness, you can unlearn any behaviour you have learned and replace it with a more helpful one.

Perfectionism and procrastination »

- Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator who delays or avoids doing something that needs to be done, regardless of how big or small? Is the inner critical voice in your head so loud it say's, things like, "I am not good enough" and you never question this? Therapy is your chance to put this loud and unhelpful voice in its place and silence it to a mere whisper.

Relationships/marriage – couples counselling »

- Are you experiencing issues in your marriage, partnership or are there family conflict issues at play? Has communication broken down? Possibly, you and your partner could be considering separation but want to try couples counselling first before making this decision. If you both wish to take part then relationship counselling is always a helpful and beneficial avenue to explore.

Self-worth and self-care »

- What self-care do you do? How often is it? Do you know what your self-worth is? What would you like it to be? If you cannot answer the questions above, talk therapy can help. In sessions, you will unpack who you were and most importantly who you want to become. Striving to become your true self and freeing yourself from the chains of other judgements.


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A professional, qualified counsellor in Peckham.

I offer therapy and counselling for adults over the age of 18.

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