Are you a modern-day ethically minded business, that prides itself on putting its employee's mental health at the top of your agenda? 

Employers have made great strides in recent years, recognising how important their employee's mental health and well-being are.





Are you one of these businesses?




Well let's talk.







Most Small to medium-sized enterprises SMEs or businesses SMBs and start-ups, are competing and operating these days in a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, global business world. 



Work and home-life balance were highlighted during the pandemic to be a concern for many employees. Employers indeed listened to their workforce and acted but right now, they may need you even more so. 

With four lockdowns and stay-at-home restrictions in place across the UK for nearly two years, employees are now steadily coming back to working in the office, start-up, shop, outlet etc. 





HR departments are starting to see the impact and effects of the post-pandemic landscape on their own employee's mental health and well-being and here's where the London Counselling Hub can assist you.






Located at my therapy rooms in SE15 & SE16, I offer bespoke tailored counselling for your employees.

What makes me different? I do not charge businesses a monthly fee if I do not see any of your employees for counselling. Yes, you read that correctly! You will only be invoiced for clients we do see here at the London Counselling Hub. 

The financial advantage to you with this bespoke service is, that you only pay for your employees when they access therapy sessions. 



 Psychotherapist in Nunhead and Peckham






How does it work? 


Just pick up the telephone and book a meeting and I would be delighted to tell you how this could benefit you as a business. 

If you are interested in a Tool Box Talk or Office Talk for your employees, on mental health and wellbeing, please give me a call. Sessions are engaging and are tailored to industry personnel and can be delivered in the office, outside on a construction site or even in a corner of your storeroom. 

Most importantly, your employees will always have access to bespoke tailored counselling and Psychotherapy services at the London Counselling Hub. 





Contact me today if you would like counselling services in Peckham, Bermondsey & Rotherhithe.

You can email, or call 07492 332877.