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My approach to psychotherapy ? Each client should walk away from our sessions, feeling not only seen as the unique individual they are but listened to also.


I am passionate about contributing to my community and enriching the lives of all our residents, including those who commute into this great city each day!





Fully qualified and registered professional practitioner


I started my training to become a counsellor back in 1994 but due to having a young family, I decided to take a break and invest my time and love into them.

That time away, has profoundly enhanced and enriched my life experience and made me the professional I am today.

I came back to the counselling profession in 2017 to complete my training. Most certainly a different person that entered my profession nearly 30 years ago for sure.

I am trained as a professional integrative psychotherapeutic practitioner, in Psychodynamic Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I am registered with the National Counselling Society and have accredited membership of the Professional Standards Authority, ensuring I meet all necessary standards for therapy and counselling in the UK.







 Psychotherapist in Nunhead and Peckham



“The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for Health and Social Care promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of patients, service users and the public by raising standards of regulation and voluntary registration of people working in health and care. They are an independent body, accountable to the UK Parliament.”

NCS, raising standards through the PSA. 2022



Therapy Specialisation 

For the past few years, I have worked one afternoon a week, in 2-year long-term therapy at a specialist agency with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and violence in Central London.

Although a client's presenting issue, it is seldom just the unimaginable dehumanising physical, emotional and psychological abuse they endured during childhood that brings them to therapy.

Trauma can be complex and is specific to each individual. It can manifest into depression, anxiety, suicide ideation thoughts, self-harm, addictions, relationship issues, trust, low sense of self-worth, low self-esteem, confidence etc.

Why seeing a specialist Counsellor who is experienced and has robust clinical supervision specifically in this area, is of great importance.




 Frequently Asked Questions


What is counselling?

Counselling is a form of confidential talk therapy that is delivered by a professionally trained competent therapist. Trained in active listening, they sit alongside you to find healthier coping mechanisms, to deal with emotional issues or struggles you are currently experiencing.


How long are therapy sessions? 

Sessions are 50-minutes. Some clients prefer longer sessions, which can always be arranged if this is a requirement.


Do you offer concessions?

I offer concessionary  daytime fees via face-to-face and telephone because affordability should never be a barrier to accessing therapy with a professional therapist.

*the lowest fee quoted is my concessionary fee*




How long will I need therapy?

This is something we will discuss together in our first session.


How frequently should I have sessions?

I recommend weekly sessions.

If the cost-of-living crisis is preventing you from accessing weekly therapy, we could discuss fortnightly or monthly sessions. I recommend having at least three weekly sessions before new clients continue with fortnightly or monthly therapy sessions thereafter.


What is the cost of a sessions?

Face-to-face:               £90

Daytime Fee:               £75

Couples Therapy:       £145

Daytime Fee:               £120



Telephone: All telephone appointments are £75 a session.

My lowest fees are week day mornings/afternoons from 8am - 4pm regardless of income.  














More FAQs



How will I know you are the right therapist for me? →

Whilst a 10–15-minute telephone call or email cannot guarantee you'll be able to work with a therapist, it may help you narrow down your options. If you are looking for therapy locally, here are some things you might want to reflect on before making your decision.

Do you find me friendly, and easy to talk to? Are you feeling a deep sense of warmth that makes you feel seen and heard? A genuineness and authenticity that you feel I listened to you, and at ease sharing your concerns just from our brief discussion?

Do you feel confident that I have the competency to deliver therapy and know what I am talking about? Did I ask you questions and were all your questions answered? Was I building the working relationship alliance from the get-go, or did you feel I was vague and just wanted to get you off the telephone? 


Is my therapist a professional? →

On this website, akin to my directory profiles, I have a professional badge saying which voluntary professional membership I am accredited with. Most therapists display, to give prospective clients confidence they are choosing a professional therapist. 


What happens in the first session? →

In the first session, I will go through the counselling agreement with you verbally as well as give you a written copy to take home. The agreement lays the foundations of the therapeutic relationship in regards to establishing boundaries which govern our working relationship and detail how confidentiality will be maintained in our sessions.

Together, we will tailor bespoke therapeutic goals and have frequent reviews, to see if these goals need adapting or changing throughout our therapy together.

I will also give you a separate GDPR (2018) consent form which you will need to agree to and sign. I am also registered to hold information and an officer who adheres to ICO rules that govern how I store and use information for your protection.

I will give you a privacy notice, which will detail how I store information in my office and how data collection from my website is stored and used.


Can I have blended face-to-face sessions, online, and teletherapy each month? →

Yes, this is something we can discuss in our first session. It could be because of work issues, family commitments or affordability.


Do you do monthly sessions? →

Yes, I offer maintenance sessions but only if you have had three weekly sessions beforehand.


Are single sessions available? →

Yes, if that is your preference and you are coming to therapy to talk over something specific in your life that you feel needs a deeper introspection of analysis and are looking for a solution-focused session for your current issues.


How soon can I start therapy? →

You can commence therapy as soon as you would like if you are flexible over times and days as I currently only have a couple of days and times still available.

*Limited availability*


If I do shift work, or if I am not available on a specific day and set time each week, can I still have therapy? →

When clients start at London Counselling Hub, they have their own specific time and day each week. This is important so that they know it is their space and time just for them.

If, however, due to shift patterns, family commitments etc. a client needs to change this appointment, yes that would not be a problem. A client would have to give at least 48 hours' notice to change an appointment, any less, and another appointment cannot be arranged, and the full cost of original booked session will still be payable in full and cannot be carried over.

Change of times and days is subject to clinical availability regarding days and times but each client will be offered two alternative days and times if they have given 48 hours' notice.


What is your cancellation policy? →

Client's pay for their session weekly in advance, so if a client wishes to change day and time of appointment in said clinical by giving 48 hours' notice, I can accommodate such a change by offering one alternative day and time (please see above).

I do not carry over appointments paid for in said clinical week to the next, nor do I issue a payment credit for the following week. If a client cannot attend any appointment that week that has been reasonably offered as an alternative appointment, I do not offer a refund as that day and time has been pre-booked.


When are fees due? →

Fees for the next week's session are due at the end of each session, so I can place you in my clinical diary for the following week.




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