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A welcoming open-minded sanctuary for your thoughts and difficulties. I offer professional integrative psychotherapy and trauma counselling services.


For individuals affected by anxiety, depression, relationship issues, managing symptoms of ADHD, trauma, abuse in childhood or ongoing common mental health problems (CMHP's).



In our counselling sessions, you will be listened to, perhaps for the first time ever and always seen as the unique individual you are. 




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What is Integrative Therapy?


My professional training background is in counselling and psychotherapy. 

I trained as an Integrative practitioner, to adapt to my client's needs, not my clients having to adapt to my way of working.

I work with individuals and I also offer weekly couples therapy.


I offer a very competitive, bespoke service to businesses locally and all across London.


To assist their employees, to find healthier and more helpful coping mechanisms for emotional distress and mental health issues.







 Integrative Therapy


      Psychotherapist in Nunhead and Peckham

Psychodynamic Therapy   

Psychodynamic therapy looks at unconscious defense mechanisms individuals may have deployed as an emotional coping strategy, so they can better understand who they are today.

Going back to a client's childhood, to explore any conflict, or trauma, to gain a deeper understanding of their past, so it does not impact the here and now. The therapeutic working relationship between the therapist and client is a porthole into the past life of that client and why the emphasis of importance is placed on this alliance.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a directive talk therapy grounded in the here and now, to help you recognise how your thoughts (cognitions) can affect your feelings (emotions) and how you act (behaviour).

CBT can be used in a various- presenting issues when treating un-diagnosed or diagnosed symptoms and in reframing negative automatic thoughts NATs.




Transactional Analysis

This approach is based on communication and relationships.

Looking at cognitions and relational transactions of three specific components i.e., thoughts, feelings, and behaviours exploring different viewpoints of the individual to promote personal growth and change. 

Psychoeducation working with ego states and understanding the impact of these is a must to aid healthier communication and enhance deeper relational relationships.




Gestalt Therapy


Gestalt Therapy shares many commonalities with other forms of talk therapy but has differences also.

Responsibility, allows individuals to take personal accountability for their actions and behaviours via introspection of analysis. To learn from this, so as not to repeat past patterns of behaviour that are undesirable or unhelpful to you.

Based in the here and now, it is not looking at the unconscious to find answers from the past, instead, it looks to scrutinise an individual's life script.

Primarily grounded in the present, Gestalt therapy is existential and experiential i.e. what the client is experiencing in here and now in the actual moment of ‘experience' and the wholeness, not a singular detached experience like in many forms of therapy.


Person-Centred Therapy


Never guided nor directed, the foundation of this therapy is, that the client is the expert, and all answers are within.

Working with a client's conditions of worth and introjected evaluations, assisting a client to garner a deeper understanding and awareness of who they are today. Moving away from operating from an external locus of evaluation (worrying about judgements and opinions from others) to an internal locus of evaluation.

If a client finds meaning, and awareness in present, the future will yield therapeutic growth thus a person may become self-actualised. Thus, for a client to touch base again with their self-actualising tendency is indeed the path to inner enlightenment in this modality.


Narrative Exposure Therapy


I use it with clients who have experienced childhood abuse, torture, rape, and violence. I have used it also many times with adult men and women who have been sexually assaulted, raped, tortured or seen or experienced prolonged violence.

This form of therapy helps people form a timeline of their life, which can help an individual to not just concentrate on said specific trauma of experience. 

In NET therapy, a piece of string is used for the lifeline of a client, whereby an extra length is left to denote the future life ahead still to come. Clients use stones (white, grey, and black) and flower heads to mark events.

This form of therapy can help a person, balance their life experiences and memories that span a whole lifetime, not just the traumatic event seen alone in isolation.






Becoming trauma aware

Trauma-informed care changes the focus from the question ‘What is wrong with me?' to ‘What has happened to me?' This is an important distinction that helps individuals receiving care, build a fuller picture of their life narrative and feel empowered.














Couples Therapy


A running theme in our sessions will be to shift and change your mindset from

"What's wrong with our relationship", to "What we as a couple can become".






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