Life is not always easy and brings up many challenges that can test our resolve, emotions, and feelings.

It can feel like a never-ending assault course to some, or a person might think they trained as a professional juggler and missed the training session on what happens if they drop all or one of those balls!

Maybe it is an existential question bringing you to therapy, of wanting to examine your own life under a microscope for clarity of understanding of who you are and who you want to be.

Or maybe you are simply looking for some balance in your life, wanting to slow down and examine in greater detail what is important to you what, if anything, - needs to change.

Throughout our sessions here at London Counselling Hub, we will focus on understanding what makes you tick, what you need and ultimately, how to have a better understanding of what that will look like after our sessions.

Don't worry if you cannot find the words or have no idea what that is at the start - that is often the whole point that often hinders a person and keeps them stuck- and,- you will after several sessions, which we can then discuss this in our six-weekly review.








Psychotherapist in Nunhead and Peckham


Have you been experiencing loneliness recently or feeling sad?

You will gain greater insight and awareness into how these thoughts and feelings impact you and your life in terms of intimate relationships, family, the work-life balance, and all other aspects of your life throughout our sessions.

Human beings are unique and beautiful because of their individuality, hence why at London Counselling Hub, there is no "typical" clients. I have a holistic approach to my practice, looking at the mind, body and spirit focusing on improving the well-being of the 'whole person not just one part in isolation.

Whilst in therapy, clients often strive tirelessly to find themselves, improve their lives and work towards being the best version of themselves. Being around such courage and openness and such desire for betterment of one's mental health, is truly inspiring. 

I work collaboratively, to address issues impacting you in everyday life - by looking at your coping mechanisms, defense mechanisms, and patterns of behaviour.

Using my professional knowledge and experience to assist you in replacing some of those unhelpful old behaviours and habits with ones that will -  help to you both now and in the future as you continue your journey.

Written by: Elle Heasman

London Counselling Hub

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 Psychotherapist in Nunhead and Peckham